Monday, October 12, 2009

Youth Mini Missions

On November 13th and 14th, the YW and YM Presidencies will be organizing a Mini Mission for the youth in our ward.  This will entail dessert, the assigning of companions, training by the full-time missionaries, and practice on door approaches with leaders and other adults members of the ward on Friday night at the church building.  That night, the the YW and YM will each be spending the night in their respective assigned places and will follow the study, sleeping, and waking schedule of a missionary.  In the morning, each youth companionship will be assigned to a full-time missionary who will assist them in tracking in an assigned area.  Lastly, all of the youth and missionaries will be meeting at the church building for a short testimony meeting and lunch.  We're very excited about this activity and think it will be a very special experience for the youth.  And we're asking for your help to make it so!

We need adults to be drivers, practice door approaches, and accompany youth with the missionaries.  We are especially asking parents of youth to be involved.  We are also in need of side dishes for the Saturday afternoon lunch.  We'll be having chicken and need salads and other side dishes that go with it.

The activity is still over a month away, but we wanted to get everyone thinking of ways that they are willing to help.  You may go ahead and contact me if you would to volunteer your time, driving skills, and/or food or you can wait until we sending around a sign-up list in Relief Society.  Thank you in advance for your help in creating a spiritual and moving experience for our youth that will prepare them to be the Lord's missionaries.

Thank you,
Amanda Orrock

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