Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dear Sisters,
Our Ward is being asked to bring  homemade goodies for 20 Christmas bags.  I have spoke with Sister Ellenburg and she will be waiting for me at her Ward. I will make it easy for those of you that can not go and deliver them to the Timuquana building, so, I will be collecting the goodies from you at our Stake Center on Wednesday,Dec. 16th by 7:00pm. anytime after that you will have to make arrangements to get them there. So please be on time, since I will have to take these goodies  and return to our Stake Center to take care of some needs in our Ward.

here is our assigment for our Ward  on the day of the dinner Thursday, Dec. 17th 6:00pm

Orange Park 2nd Ward
Take down tables and chairs: make sure the kitchen, cultural hall, and bathrooms are clean. Clean-up can not begin before 7:30pm .

Please let me know if you can help in any of these areas.
Thank you so much in advance
SIsyer Hines

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