Friday, September 11, 2009

Thanks for Coming!

We had quite the turnout for the Clay County Sheriff's Department's presentation on personal safety. For those of you who missed it, here's a brief overview of what we learned. . .

Our undercover policeman (shh!, don't tell!) began by teaching us how to avoid being targeted as a victim.

For example:

Make an impression!
Don't let your guard down.
Refrain from dressing like a movie star just to go shopping.
Don't take your purse with you to go shopping - all you need is the money and your ID.
And let's not forget about the garage door opener. :)

After some brutally honest talk about what "the bad guys" look for in a victim and what they think of us, we gathered in the gym for some practical defensive tactics. If you weren't there last night and don't know these moves, ask a friend and learn them for yourself:

Thumb & Forefinger
One Finger = You Win
Brachial Stun
Rake the shins & Stomp
Kick the Peroneal Nerve
Mandibular Grab & Hold
Eye Socket
"What You're Daddy Taught Ya" with a Twist

(Leave me a comment if I missed something, and I'll add it.)

On a side note, these moves even work for our dear, sweet, kind, and gentle Sis. Hines, who was able to cause me pain (just a little bit, mind you, because she was taking it easy on me, but don't mess with her!)

A humongous "thank you" goes out to the Clay County Sheriff's Department and our super-secret undercover instructor!

And let's not forget to thank the youth who volunteered in the Nursery for over 2 hours. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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